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Web & Server

99.9% Actual Website Uptime

At Vivint Host, we abide by our promise to give individuals and small companies with a high-speed, dependable, and scalable web hosting solution that is simple and affordable, regardless of the size of the website.

  • Fully Integrated Firewall
  • Max Uptime Scaling
  • Standard DDoS Protection
Web & Server
Network Management

Network Management Center Monitoring

We have a specialized 24x7x365 NOC monitoring team that regularly monitors both our servers and network. If an issue causes a service outage, all efforts are made to resolve it as soon as feasible.

Uptime Monitoring

Third Party Server Uptime Monitoring

We also utilize Pingdom as a third-party monitoring tool, in which we set up a certain location on each server that is regularly checked to see if it is available. When the ping fails to react, we receive an immediate notification.

Response Monitoring

Server Response Monitoring

If a server's response time begins to trend increasing, an outage may be imminent. We are actively monitoring this to see if there is an underlying issue that may be developing.

Dots NOC Center
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Why Does Server Uptime Matter?

  • Business Operations: Downtime = lost opportunity and revenue. High uptime means that online services, e-commerce sites, and internal systems are always operational, which boosts sales and efficiency.
  • Reputation: Frequent downtime can undermine a company's reputation by making it appear untrustworthy. High uptime improves a brand's reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Compliance: Many firms have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that promise specific uptime levels. Meeting these obligations is critical to avoiding penalties and maintaining positive customer relationships.

  • View Our Real-Time Public Network Status Page Here

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication is critical during an incident, especially when unanticipated interruptions occur. We make sure that all of our teams can access information in real time, and our status pages are used to broadcast customer-facing notifications.

Transparent Communication
Identification and Prioritization

Identification and Prioritization

Quickly detecting and prioritizing an issue decreases the potential consequences. Once an incident has been recognized and prioritized, we notify the appropriate incident response team and initiate remediation procedures.

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