Managed cloud as a service on the cloud of your choice.Cloud VPS Hosting

space 32 GB NVMe
cpu 1 Core
ram 1 GB
bandwidth 1 TBPremium
price $25.00/mo
space 64 GB NVMe
cpu 1 Core
ram 2 GB
bandwidth 2 TBPremium
price $35.00/mo
space 128 GB NVMe
cpu 2 Cores
ram 4 GB
bandwidth 3 TBPremium
price $55.00/mo
space 256 GB NVMe
cpu 3 Cores
ram 8 GB
bandwidth 4 TBPremium
price $80.00/mo
space 384 GB NVMe
cpu 4 Cores
ram 16 GB
bandwidth 5 TBPremium
price $145/mo
space Block storage 10 GB
price $10.00/mo
space DDoS Protection 10 Gbps
price $20.00/mo
Cloud server hosting plans run on isolated virtual instances.Simplicity Meets Performance

Scale your managed cloud hosting resources up and down as needed or migrate to a different cloud server completely.

Load Balancer

Distribute your traffic to multiple cloud servers and keep your application or site up and running.

Block Storage

Easily attach additional SSD disk to your cloud servers for your databases or file storage.

Backups & Snapshots

Take a snapshot of your instance to store server images or save it as a backup off-site.

Superior Performance

Take full advantage of the speed and power with HTTP/3 and dedicated IP address. No technical knowledge is required.

Powerful Control Panel

Enjoy the intuitive control panel that is optimized for all skill levels. Find your way around quickly and easily.

LOS ANGELES, U.S.A 99.99% DALLAS, U.S.A 99.99% MIAMI, U.S.A 99.99% ATLANTA, U.S.A 99.99% NEW JERSEY, U.S.A 99.99% CHICAGO, U.S.A 99.99% AMSTERDAM, EUROPE 99.99% LONDON, EUROPE 99.99%

We are running in all of the world

Each service we provide is a source of real-time intelligence about new and current threats.
That’s how we run our servers to make that network even stronger.

Frequently asked questions.
Cloud hosting VPS is a form of cloud hosting that allows end-users to access server resources. The benefits of cloud software hosting include increased data deliverability, improved security, and accessibility.
There are multiple differences between VPS and cloud hosting VPS. While a VPS is hosted on a single server, a cloud hosting VPS is hosted on multiple servers at a time.
Every VPS will include 1 free ipv4 dedicated IP and 1 ipv6 IP address.