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When the appropriate individuals are assembled in a team, the most exceptional outcomes are consistently achieved. At Vivint Host, this outstanding combination of extraordinary individuals fosters technical innovation, enhances expertise, and ensures superior service.

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Web & Server

Our CEO Maikel Gongora

He wanted to help the world prosper online, so he aimed to make it easier for people to thrive on the internet. We are delighted to be one of the few privately held, independent worldwide web hosting firms in the industry. This means that we are 100% customer-focused, constantly reinventing our cloud hosting platform to ensure your success online.


Who We Are?

We are proud to announce that we have assembled an exceptional team of staff members who are highly motivated and enthusiastic. These individuals are proficient in English, possess outstanding technical and communication skills, and have been thoroughly trained to understand our company and services. We have been emphasizing the development of a fast and knowledgeable support staff and providing genuine value to our customers. Our commitment is to extend our services beyond hosting. We have been consistently recognized for our proficiency and capacity to resolve problems other organizations need help identifying, a testament to our unwavering dedication and expertise.


Easy to Use Hosting

Web hosting should be simple to use. Log in to your account and you'll notice how simple it is to get started, with numerous cPanel features only a click away.

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  • Our professional and pleasant support team is ready 24/7/365 to assist you!
  • Already have a website? Allow us to handle the hard work for you and transfer it for free! Ask us how!
  • Give our high-speed hosting service a trial with no risk!

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Transparent Communication

Transparent communication is critical during an incident, especially when unanticipated interruptions occur. We make sure that all of our teams can access information in real time, and our status pages are used to broadcast customer-facing notifications.

Transparent Communication
Identification and Prioritization

Identification and Prioritization

Quickly detecting and prioritizing an issue decreases the potential consequences. Once an incident has been recognized and prioritized, we notify the appropriate incident response team and initiate remediation procedures.

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